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Indicator title
Number of eligible clients who received food and/or other nutrition services
Districts providing antiretroviral combination therapy
Condom use during anal sex among young men who have sex with men
Percentage of antenatal care attendees positive for syphilis who received treatment
Young people: condom use with non-regular partners
Percentage of ARV storage and delivery points experiencing stock-outs in the preceding six months
Number and percentage of adults and children enrolled in HIV care who started TB treatment, expressed as a proportion of adults and children in HIV care during the reporting period
Number of local organizations provided with technical assistance for HIV-related policy development
Percentage of target group who can cite at least one facility where they can access T&C services
Number of eligible adults and children who newly initiated antiretroviral therapy (ART) during the reporting period (2012)
(PMTCT_EID Includes PMTCT_EID_POS) Percentage of infants born to HIV-positive women who had a virologic HIV test done within 12 months of birth
VCT centres with minimum conditions to provide quality services
Monitoring and evaluation of collaborative TB/HIV activities
Distribution of feeding practices (exclusive breastfeeding, replacement feeding, mixed feeding/other) for infants born to HIV-infected women at DPT3 visit
(VMMC_TOTALCIRC NAT / SUBNAT) Total number of men ever circumcised
Retail outlets and services with condoms in stock
Proportion of HIV-positive registered TB patients given ART during TB treatment
Number and percentage of HIV-infected adults and children assessed for ART eligibility through either clinical staging or CD4 testing
Condom availability for young people
Number of service outlets providing counseling and testing according to national or international standards
Infant Nutritional Status
(KP_PREV) Number of key populations reached with individual and/or small group-level HIV prevention interventions designed for the target population
Number of health care workers who successfully completed an in-service training program within the reporting period
National monitoring and evaluation capacity
Number of health-care facilities providing ART services for people living with HIV with demonstrable infection control practices that include TB control