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Indicator title
Availability of free condoms at TB services
External Economic Support to the poorest households
Higher risk male-male sex in the last year
External support for chronically ill people
Number of health facilities providing ANC services that also provide CD4 testing on site, or have a system for collecting and transporting blood samples for CD4 testing for HIV-infected pregnant women
Antiretroviral therapy for HIV-infected pregnant women eligible for treatment
OVC Policy and Planning Effort Index
Percent of health care facilities that have the capacity and conditions to provide advanced-level HIV/AIDS care and support services, including provision of ART
Migrants: HIV prevalence
Women completing the testing and counselling process
Blood Safety
Per Capita Household Expenditures in HIV-affected Households
(PMTCT_ART) Percentage of HIV-positive pregnant women who received ART to reduce the risk of mother-to-child-transmission (MTCT) during pregnancy
Medical personnel trained in the care of HIV-related conditions
Number of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) reached with a minimum package of Prevention with PLHIV (PwP) interventions
Percentage of HIV-positive pregnant IDU women who received OST during pregnancy
Number of targeted condom service outlets
Percentage of pregnant women who were tested for HIV and who know their results [disaggregated by service type (Antenatal Care, Labour & Delivery, Postpartum)]
Receipt of Food Security Services
Secondary abstinence
Reduction in Mother-to-child Transmission
Life skills-based HIV and sexuality education: teacher training and teaching
(FPINT_SITE) Number of HIV service delivery points (SDP) at a site supported by PEPFAR that are providing integrated voluntary family planning (FP) services
12 month programme retention rate
Percent of HIV-positive patients who were screened for TB in HIV care or treatment setting