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Indicator title
Population requesting an HIV test, receiving a test and receiving test results
Number of HIV-positive persons receiving Cotrimoxizole (CTX) prophylaxis
Condom use at first sex
Safe sexual behaviour among young people
Succession planning
Number of eligible adults and children who newly initiated antiretroviral therapy (ART) during the reporting period (2012)
Percentage of women and men aged 15-49 expressing accepting attitudes towards people living with HIV [disaggregated by sex (female, male), age (15-19, 20-24, 25-49), and education level (none, primary, secondary or higher)]
(TX_PVLS) Percentage of ART patients with a viral load result documented in the medical record and/or laboratory information systems (LIS) within the past 12 months with a suppressed viral load (<1000 copies/ml)
Number of adults and children living with HIV who receive care and support services outside facilities during the reporting period
Condom use among young people who had higher-risk sex in the preceding year
Percentage of antenatal care attendees positive for syphilis who received treatment
People receiving counseling and testing
Number of testing facilities (laboratories) with capacity to perform clinical laboratory tests
Laboratory capacity to monitor antiretroviral combination therapy
Young people who have a sexually transmitted infection
The AIDS Programme Effort Index (API)
Infant Nutritional Status
Percentage of children who are orphans
(TB_STAT includes TB_STAT_POS)Percentage of new and relapse TB cases with documented HIV status
HIV Incidence rate
Percentage of health facilities with ART services which also provide comprehensive care, including prevention services, for HIV-positive clients
Distribution of feeding practices (exclusive breastfeeding, replacement feeding, mixed feeding/other) for infants born to HIV-infected women at DPT3 visit
Most-at-risk Populations: Prevention Programmes
Proportion of HIV-positive clients given treatment for latent TB infection
Number and percentage of HIV-exposed infants who are exclusively breastfeeding at DPT3 visit