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Indicator title
Districts providing antiretroviral combination therapy
Number of HIV-positive pregnant women who received antiretrovirals to reduce risk of mother-to-child-transmission
Late HIV Diagnosis
Percentage of health facilities that provide virological testing services (e.g. PCR) for diagnosis of HIV in infants on site or from dried blood spots (DBS)
Percentage of ARV storage and delivery points experiencing stock-outs in the preceding six months
Percentage of health facilities that offer ART (i.e., prescribe and/or provide clinical follow-up) [disaggregated by sector (public, private)]
Number of local organizations provided with technical assistance for HIV-related policy development
Life-skills-based HIV Education in Schools
Percentage of pregnant women attending antenatal care (ANC) whose male partner was tested for HIV in the last 12 months
(PMTCT_EID Includes PMTCT_EID_POS) Percentage of infants born to HIV-positive women who had a virologic HIV test done within 12 months of birth
Referral to Food Security Services
Percentage of total budget required for planned collaborative TB/HIV activities that was actually available
VCT centres with minimum conditions to provide quality services
Number of individuals who received Testing and Counseling (T&C) services for HIV and received their test results
(VMMC_TOTALCIRC NAT / SUBNAT) Total number of men ever circumcised
Number of adults and children with HIV enrolled in HIV care
Perception of peers’ sexual activity (peer norms)
Proportion of HIV-positive registered TB patients given ART during TB treatment
Percentage of young women and men aged 15-24 who report they could get condoms on their own [disaggregated by sex (female, male), age (15-19, 20-24)]
Condom availability for young people
Number of cases of sexually transmitted infections treated
Percentage of currently married women who usually make a decision about own health care either by themselves or jointly with their husbands
(KP_PREV) Number of key populations reached with individual and/or small group-level HIV prevention interventions designed for the target population
Educational institutions: HIV workplace programmes
Percentage of female sex workers reporting the use of a condom with every client in the last month