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Indicator title
Twelve-month retention on antiretroviral therapy
Percentage of health facilities with the capacity to deliver appropriate care to people living with HIV and AIDS
Households receiving help with orphan care
Psychological health
Percent of testing facilities (laboratories) that are accredited according to national or international standards
Nutrition Counseling for People Living with HIV (PLHIV)
Involvement of a comprehensive range of governmental, nongovernmental, community and private partners in collaborative TB/HIV activities
Proportion of women and men age 15-49 reporting that the last health care injection was given with a syringe and needle set from a new, unopened package
Number of pregnant women with known HIV status (includes women who were tested for HIV and received their results
Percentage of adults and children with HIV still alive and known to be on antiretroviral therapy 24 months after initiating treatment among patients initiating antiretroviral therapy during 2010
Treatment: ART among People Diagnosed with HIV Infection
Existence of guidelines for the prevention of HIV infection in infants and young children
Percentage of health facilities with post-exposure prophylaxis available [disaggregated by exposure (occupational, non-occupational) and sector (public, private)]
Percentage of HIV infected women using a modern family planning method
Quality HIV counselling for pregnant women
Support for Children Affected by HIV and AIDS
Marker Services Indicator – Strengthening HIV integration
(PMTCT_FO) Percentage of final outcomes among HIV exposed infants registered in a birth cohort
Comprehensive HIV/AIDS care and support policies, strategies and guidelines
Number of MARP reached with individual and/or small group level HIV preventive interventions that are based on evidence and/or meet the minimum standards required
Percentage of adults and children enrolled in HIV care who were screened for hepatitis C
(VL_SUPPRESSION_NAT) Percentage of people living with HIV on ART with a suppressed viral load
Sexual decision-making among young people
Intensified TB case-finding among PLWHA
Total number of male and female condoms available for distribution nationwide during the last 12 months per person aged 15-49 [disaggregated by condom type (male, female)]