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Indicator title
Number of male circumcisions performed
Percentage of infants born to HIV-infected women who received an HIV test within 12 months [disaggregated by type/timing of testing (virological testing within 2 months, virological testing between 2 and 12 months or antibody testing between 9 and 12 mont
(LAB_PTCQI Lab disaggregate) Number of laboratories and blood centers/banks
Percent of facilities with a fully functional T&C service centre
Percent of HIV-positive patients in HIV care or treatment (pre-ART or ART) who started TB treatment
Condoms that meet quality control measures
Sex among young people while they are intoxicated
Property dispossession
Number of adults newly enrolled in HIV care (pre-ART or ART) during the reporting period
Sexually transmitted infections: comprehensive case management
(TB_ART) The number of HIV-positive new and relapsed TB cases on ART during TB treatment
Number and percentage of adults and children enrolled in HIV care who had TB status assessed and recorded during their last visit among all adults and children enrolled in HIV care in the reporting period
Knowledge of HIV prevention among men having sex with men
Number of people on opioid substitution therapy (OST)
Number of community health and para-social workers who successfully completed a pre-service training program
Continuation of first-line regimen at 6, 12 and 24 months after initiating treatment
Migrants: HIV prevalence
Presence of joint TB/HIV IEC materials in TB and HIV services
Young people using a condom during premarital sex
Per Capita Household Expenditures in HIV-affected Households
Percent of health facilities with record-keeping systems for monitoring HIV/AIDS care and support
(HTS_TST (Includes HTS_TST_POS) ) Number of individuals who received HIV Testing Services (HTS) and received their test results
External Economic Support to the poorest households
Number and percent of people testing HIV positive and Number and percent of people testing positive who subsequently enroll in HIV care
Number of service outlets providing ART services according to national or international standards