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Twelve-month retention on antiretroviral therapy
Number of adults reported with syphilis (primary/secondary and latent/unknown) in the past 12 months
Number of pregnant women aged 15 and older who received testing and counselling in the past 12 months and received their results
External Economic Support to the poorest households
Number of opioid substitution therapy (OSP) sites
Number of service outlets providing counseling and testing according to national or international standards
Most-at-risk Populations: Reduction in HIV Prevalence
Percentage of adults and children with HIV still alive and known to be on antiretroviral therapy 24 months after initiating treatment among patients initiating antiretroviral therapy during 2010
Percentage of infants born to HIV-infected women who are provided with antiretrovirals to reduce the risk of HIV transmission during breastfeeding
Number of adults reported with genital ulcer disease in the past 12 months
Percentage of sex workers (SWs) with active syphilis
HIV Treatment: Antiretroviral Therapy
Number of pregnant women attending ANC at least once during the reporting period
The percent of districts with at least one operational testing and counselling site
HIV testing in men who have sex with men
Sex Before the Age of 15
Multiple Sexual Partnerships
HIV Testing in the General Population
HIV testing in sex workers
HIV prevalence in sex workers
Early infant diagnosis
Condom use among sex workers
Condom use among men who have sex with men
Condom use among people who inject drugs
Safe injecting practices among people who inject drugs