Consistent condom use: Young people’s condom use with non-regular partners

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Percentage of young people aged 15-24 reporting the consistent use of a condom with non-regular sexual partners in the last year.
What it measures

This indicator shows the extent to which condoms are used by young people who engage in sexual relationships with non-regular partners.
When interpreting trends in this indicator, it should be noted that changes might reflect variations in the numbers of persons having sex with non-regular partners and not necessarily variation in condom use. Thus, this indicator should be analyzed carefully considering the changes in proportion of young people having sex with a non-regular partner to understand the programmatic implications.


The number of young men and young women aged 15-24 years who had sex with non-regular partners in the last 12 months and consistently used a condom


Young men and young women aged 15-24 years who had sex with non-regular partners in the last 12 months

Method of measurement

Respondents are first asked if they have ever had sex. Among those who have, questions are asked about the consistent use of condom with all the partners in the last year and information on the type of partner (such as spouse, live-in partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, acquaintance, commercial sex worker).
This indicator should be presented as a percentage, separately for males and females, in three age groups: 15–19, 20-24 and 15–24.

Measurement frequency



Age group: 15 years - 19 years, 15 years - 24 years, 20 years - 24 years

Education: N/A

Gender: Male, Female

Geographic location: N/A

Pregnancy status: N/A

Sector: N/A

Target: N/A

Time period: N/A

Type of orphan: N/A

Vulnerability status: N/A

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