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Indicator title
(VL_SUPPRESSION_NAT) Percentage of people living with HIV on ART with a suppressed viral load
Reduction in Mother-to-child Transmission
Drug supply at STI care services
Number of health facilities that provide HIV testing and counselling services
12 month programme retention rate
Education: teacher attrition rate
Number of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) reached with a minimum package of Prevention with PLHIV (PwP) interventions
Percent of persons who complete the HIV testing and counselling cycle in last 12 months
HIV testing in men who have sex with men
Drug injectors using condoms at last sex, by partner type
Percentage of currently married women who usually make a decision about their own health care either by themselves or jointly with their husbands (HIV-O11)
Percentage of pregnant women who were tested for HIV and who know their results [disaggregated by service type (Antenatal Care, Labour & Delivery, Postpartum)]
(LAB_PTCQI disaggregation HTS/POCT site)Number of HIV Testing Service (HTS) and Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) sites engaged in Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) activities to achieve national certification (ETC.)
Proportion of counsellors that are newly trained (last 12 months)
Percent of HIV-positive patients who were screened for TB in HIV care or treatment setting
Womens ability to negotiate safer sex with husband
Sex with commercial sex workers among young people
Birth registration
Number of adults newly enrolled in pre-antiretroviral therapy (pre-ART) during the reporting period
Workplace HIV/AIDS control
(TX_TB) The proportion of ART patients who were screened who are receiving TB treatment.
Percentage of orphaned and vulnerable children aged 5–17 years who report improvement in their emotional well-being
No incorrect beliefs about AIDS
Percentage of men who have sex with men with active syphilis
Appropriate diagnosis and treatment of STIs