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Indicator title
(TX_PVLS) Percentage of ART patients with a viral load result documented in the medical record and/or laboratory information systems (LIS) within the past 12 months with a suppressed viral load (<1000 copies/ml)
Number of MARP reached with individual and/or small group level HIV preventive interventions that are based on evidence and/or meet the minimum standards required
Safe practices among young injecting drug users
Number of women and men aged 15 and older who received HIV testing and counselling in the last 12 months and know their results
Median age at first sex
Laboratory capacity to monitor antiretroviral combination therapy
Number and percentage of adults and children newly enrolled in HIV care who start on treatment for latent TB infection (isoniazid preventive therapy) among the total number of adults and children newly enrolled in HIV care over a given time period
The AIDS Programme Effort Index (API)
Commercial sex in the last year
Number of adults reported with syphilis (primary/secondary and latent/unknown) in the past 12 months
(TB_STAT includes TB_STAT_POS)Percentage of new and relapse TB cases with documented HIV status
Number of adults and children with advanced HIV infection newly enrolled on ART
Percentage of health facilities with ART services which also provide comprehensive care, including prevention services, for HIV-positive clients
(TX_CURR_NAT / SUBNAT) Percentage of adults and children receiving antiretroviral therapy
Rate of new cases of TB diagnosed in clients attending HIV testing and counselling services or HIV treatment and care services
Proportion of HIV-positive clients given treatment for latent TB infection
Number and percentage of adults and children who keep scheduled appointments
Use of specified health services by young people
Percentage of ARV distribution nodes that report on inventory consumption, quality, losses and adjustments on a monthly basis (Still under development)
Undernutrition in People Living with HIV (PLHIV)
(PP_PREV) Number of the priority populations (PP) reached with the standardized, evidence-based intervention(s) required that are designed to promote the adoption of HIV prevention behaviors and service uptake.
OST sites per 1000 opioid-dependent people (IDU_test)
Quality post HIV test counselling
Proportion of health care and congregate settings that have a TB infection control policy
Estimated number of opiate users (injectors and non-injectors)