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Indicator title
Number of health facilities providing ANC services that also provide CD4 testing on site, or have a system for collecting and transporting blood samples for CD4 testing for HIV-infected pregnant women
Households receiving help in caring for chronically ill young adults
Most-at-risk Populations: Knowledge about HIV Prevention
Number of HIV-positive clients given TB preventive therapy
Receipt of Food Security Services
Consistent condom use: Young people’s condom use with non-regular partners
Life skills-based HIV and sexuality education: teacher training and teaching
Percent of HIV-positive pregnant women who received antiretrovirals to reduce risk of mother-to-child-transmission
(PrEP_NEW ) Number of individuals who have been newly enrolled on (oral) antiretroviral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to prevent HIV infection in the reporting period.
Migrants: Condom Use
Young injecting drug users reached by HIV/AIDS prevention services
Percentage of HIV-positive pregnant IDU women who received OST during pregnancy
Percentage of health facilities dispensing ARV that experienced a stock-out of at least one required ARV in the last 12 months [disaggregated by sector (public, private)]
(PMTCT_STAT_NAT / SUBNAT) Percentage of pregnant women with known HIV status
Percentage of women accessing antenatal care (ANC) services who were tested for syphilis at first ANC visit
Workplace HIV/AIDS control: international organizations
Number of eligible adults and children provided with a minimum of one care service
Percentage of health facilities with the capacity to deliver appropriate care to people living with HIV and AIDS
HIV Prevalence in Young People
Connection to a parent or primary caregiver
Psychological health
Number of men reported with urethral discharge in the past 12 months
Percentage of never married young women and men aged 15-24 who have never had sex [disaggregated by sex (female, male) and age (15-19, 20-24)]
(HRH_PRE) Long name of the indicator Number of new health workers who graduated from a pre-service training institution or program as a result of PEPFAR-supported strengthening efforts, within the reporting period, by select cadre
Number and percentage of people starting antiretroviral therapy who picked up all prescribed antiretroviral drugs on time