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Indicator title
External support for chronically ill people
(HRH_CURR) Number of health workers who are working on HIV-related activities and are receiving any type of support from PEPFAR, as well as total spend on these workers
Antiretroviral therapy for HIV-infected pregnant women eligible for treatment
Knowledge of a formal source of condoms among young people
Number and percentage of HIV-exposed infants who are exclusively breastfeeding at DPT3 visit
Reduction in Mother-to-child Transmission
Children outside of family care
12 month programme retention rate
PMTCT services that refer to care and support facilities
Number of adults reported with syphilis (primary/secondary and latent/unknown) in the past 12 months
Number of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) reached with a minimum package of Prevention with PLHIV (PwP) interventions
(TX_CURR) Number of adults and children currently receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART)
Reduction of blood transfusions
Number of women and men aged 15 and older who received HIV testing and counselling in the last 12 months and know their results
Percentage of pregnant women who were tested for HIV and who know their results [disaggregated by service type (Antenatal Care, Labour & Delivery, Postpartum)]
Percentage of orphaned and vulnerable children aged 5–17 years who report improvement in their emotional well-being
Employers ensuring no discrimination against people with HIV
Proportion of counsellors that are newly trained (last 12 months)
National index on policy related to young people and HIV/AIDS
Undernutrition in People Living with HIV (PLHIV)
Percent of HIV-positive patients who were screened for TB in HIV care or treatment setting
(GEND_GBV) Number of people receiving post-gender-based violence (GBV) clinical care based on the minimum package
Sex with commercial sex workers among young people
Health facilities with the capacity to deliver appropriate care to HIV-infected patients
Estimated number of opiate users (injectors and non-injectors)