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Indicator title
Number of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) reached with a minimum package of Prevention with PLHIV (PwP) interventions
Food security
(HRH_STAFF) Number of health worker full-time equivalents who are working on any HIV-related activities i.e. prevention, treatment and other HIV support at PEPFAR-supported facility sites
Percentage of pregnant women who were tested for HIV and who know their results [disaggregated by service type (Antenatal Care, Labour & Delivery, Postpartum)]
Women receiving counselling on infant feeding at first infant follow-up visit
Food Access of People Living with HIV (PLHIV)
Reduction in Mother-to-child Transmission
12 month programme retention rate
Capacity to provide advanced clinical and psychosocial support services for HIV/AIDS
Sex with commercial sex workers among young people
(TX_NEW) Number of adults and children newly enrolled on antiretroviral therapy (ART)
Provision of Therapeutic or Supplementary Food to Undernourished PLHIV
Workplace HIV/AIDS control
Health care settings with guidelines and practices for prevention of accidental HIV transmission
Life skills-based HIV and sexuality education: orientation process for parents or guardians
Percentage of orphaned and vulnerable children aged 5–17 years who report improvement in their emotional well-being
HIV testing in people who inject drugs
Proportion of counsellors that are newly trained (last 12 months)
Malnutirion/Underweight prevalence
Percentage of HIV-positive pregnant women who were injecting drug users
Percent of HIV-positive patients who were screened for TB in HIV care or treatment setting
Condom distribution in ANC clinics
Joint TB/HIV planning
(KP_MAT) Number of people who inject drugs (PWID) on medication-assisted therapy (MAT) for at least 6 months
Number of pregnant women aged 15 and older who received testing and counselling in the past 12 months and received their results