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Indicator title
Knowledge of HIV prevention methods
Percentage of never married young women and men aged 15-24 who have never had sex [disaggregated by sex (female, male) and age (15-19, 20-24)]
Quality post HIV test counselling
Retail outlets and services with condoms in stock
Amount of bilateral and multilateral financial flows (commitments and disbursements) for the benefit of low- and middle-income countries
Condoms that meet quality control measures
Most-at-risk Populations: Reduction in HIV Prevalence
Households receiving help in caring for chronically ill young adults
Percentage of pregnant women who were tested for HIV and who know their results [disaggregated by service type (Antenatal Care, Labour & Delivery, Postpartum)]
Health care settings with guidelines and practices for prevention of accidental HIV transmission
Workplace HIV/AIDS control
Injecting drug users never sharing equipment in the last month
Condoms available for distribution nation-wide
Most-at-risk Populations: Prevention Programmes
Population requesting an HIV test, receiving a test and receiving test results
Men and women seeking treatment for STIs
National Commitments and Policy Instrument (NCPI)
Percentage of health facilities that offer ART (i.e., prescribe and/or provide clinical follow-up) [disaggregated by sector (public, private)]
Percentage of young women and men aged 15-24 who report they could get condoms on their own [disaggregated by sex (female, male), age (15-19, 20-24)]
Districts with VCT services
Condom use at last commercial sex: client report
The AIDS Programme Effort Index (API)
Womens ability to negotiate safer sex with husband
Reduction in HIV prevalence
Appropriate diagnosis and treatment of STIs