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Indicator title
Percentage of sex workers (SWs) with active syphilis
Percentage of adults and children with HIV still alive and known to be on antiretroviral therapy 24 months after initiating treatment among patients initiating antiretroviral therapy during 2010
Connection with an adult caregiver
Number of eligible adults and children who newly initiated antiretroviral therapy (ART) during the reporting period (2012)
Injecting drug users: safe injecting and sexual practices
Percentage of infants born to HIV-infected women who are provided with antiretrovirals to reduce the risk of HIV transmission during breastfeeding
Number of opioid substitution therapy (OSP) sites
Malnutirion/Underweight prevalence
Number of adults reported with syphilis (primary/secondary and latent/unknown) in the past 12 months
Property dispossession
Most-at-risk Populations: Reduction in HIV Prevalence
Percentage of antenatal care attendees positive for syphilis who received treatment
Number of health facilities that offer paediatric antiretroviral therapy (ART)
Psychological health
Number of adults reported with genital ulcer disease in the past 12 months
Accepting attitudes towards those living with HIV
Percentage of HIV-infected pregnant women assessed for eligibility for antiretroviral therapy (CD4 count or clinical staging)
Number of needle and syringe programme (NSP) sites
Children outside of family care
Number of health-care facilities providing ART services for people living with HIV with demonstrable infection control practices that include TB control
Birth registration
Number of adults newly enrolled in HIV care (pre-ART or ART) during the reporting period
Reduction in HIV prevalence
Percentage of antenatal care attendees who were positive for syphilis
Distribution of feeding practices (exclusive breastfeeding, replacement feeding, mixed feeding/other) for infants born to HIV-infected women at DPT3 visit